CSF, CSD and CSP professional learning are all made possible through support from Code.org and their regional partner in Wisconsin, which is Marquette University.

ECS, TCS, the new Alternative License Pathway, and the annual CS Educators Summit at Green Lake have all been made possible with National Science Foundation support through awards CNS 1339392 (Marquette) and CNS 1339179 (UW-La Crosse). Continuing support in 2017 through 2020 was under award CNS-1640217 for Marquette, in collaboration with UW-Milwaukee and Milwaukee Public Schools.

The PUMP-CS Research/Practitioner Partnership (RPP) is funded 2019-2023 with awards CNS-1923597 (Marquette and MPS), CNS-1923581 (The Learning Partnership), and CNS-1923013 ( American Institutes for Research).

The PUMP-CS Project {FUTURE} collaboration with Sacred Heart University in Connecticut is funded 2019-2024 by a U.S Department of Education "EIR" award.

Your Wisconsin-Dairyland chapter of the CSTA is a silent partner helping to advise and secure funding for all of these efforts.

Dr. Dennis Brylow is the director of the PUMP-CS Project at Marquette University.

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